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Carpet Cleaning in Mackay

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Each home or office has its own specific hygiene standards. Regardless of which kind of cleaning you need, we have the service, equipment, treatment and experience to handle jobs of any size.
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Bond Cleaning

Ensure that your bond is refunded before you move out by having your unit deep cleaned.
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Builders Cleaning

Make sure your building is presentable after construction by having a builders clean, or a basic clean.
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Carpet, Furniture and Auto

Remove stains from your carpets, furniture and car interior with our high tech vacuums and treatments. 
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High Pressure Cleaning

With our up-to-date pressure cleaners, we can blast off even the most stubborn dirt marks or stains.

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Resort Cleaning

Travellers care about the hygiene of their hotel room. We’ll make sure units are organised and sanitary.
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Rubbish Removal

Unclutter your home or office space with our rubbish removal services. 
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Office Cleaning

Your workplace will function best with sanitary bathrooms, clean keyboards and tidy desks.
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Regular Domestic Cleaning

With our ongoing domestic cleaning, you can have your home cleaned on a regular basis.

Window Cleaning

Trust our chemical solutions and professional techniques to make windows at any height sparkle.

Clean makes Enhances Productivity and Satisfaction in All Spaces 

A thorough clean makes a difference in the productivity of employees and satisfaction of tenants. Discover the difference by booking an appointment with one of our specialists. 

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